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  • Our 200 hour YTT is perfect for anyone from beginners looking to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing through yoga to more experienced yogis looking to start a rewarding career as a yoga teacher. As this is an National recognized qualification, certified through Tatva Yoga and yogacertificationboard of India, it gives you an opportunity to teach anywhere in India. 
  • For us Yoga is way more than just postures and stretching. Indeed, there are many health benefits, and one gets a great workout as part of their yoga practice but Yoga isn’t a mere workout. It’s a complete system of self-development that’s capable of enhancing one’s physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.
  • The 200-hour YTT course will take you through a timeless and systematic learning process used for centuries. 
  • Our students will gain a thorough understanding of all the fundamental aspects of yoga in the most holistic sense. We’ll cover all aspects of yoga asana, pranayama and kriyas that’ll enhance your physical health and wellbeing to the most subtle and meditative (antaranga) aspects which will help you discover a sense of deep peace and stability within. Upon completing this course, you will have gained a solid foundation in the traditional Hatha Yoga as well as the more popular styles such as Ashtanga Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga.
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