How To Start Yoga

We have been getting a lot of questions recently about how to start yoga practice. It has been a difficult year for many and I think we could all use some yoga in our lives! So we wanted to answer your most common questions with a few tips from our Beginner Yoga Pose Guide.

#1: Listen to your body.

Your body is going to tell you if you should stop or not push any further. When you feel these signals it means it’s time for you to back off because if you don’t you may get hurt. The more in tune you become with your body, the deeper you will understand when you should push and when you should stop. The goal is to stay consistent while still practicing safely.

#2: Don’t push too hard in the beginning.

Overdoing it from the beginning is a sure way to convince yourself to stop practicing. Many people get excited when they start something new. It is good to be excited, but when you push yourself to exhaustion, you won’t want to continue with it. The key to working out and staying consistent everyday is to just do enough so you want to do more tomorrow.

#3: Use props when you need them.

Using props is not cheating. This isn’t some type of competition where you need to prove to yourself that you don’t need any help getting into these poses. Props are used to enhance your practice and support you. Understanding when you need to use a prop will be based on your body type and how flexible you are.

#4 Modify poses accordingly.

Each of our bodies are different and trying to get into a pose that you see someone else in doesn’t mean you have to look exactly like that. It’s okay if you need to bend your knees a little in Downward Dog because your hamstrings aren’t that flexible yet.

#5: Don’t compare your practice to someone else’s.

This is important because this is one of the most common reasons why people stop. They see someone else that starts yoga and within a week they can touch their toes and get into Crow. We all have different bodies and we are all at different stages with our bodies and practice. Please avoid comparing yourself and realize that you are amazing and focus on what works for you.

#6 (and most important) Have FUN!

Learning to have fun and enjoy your practice will keep you coming back to your mat over and over again. This is the only body you are given, appreciate and enjoy what you have to work with.

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