P.Murali Krishna

Founder & CEO

P.Murali Krishna is the CEO of Tatva Yoga center. He is a certified professional Yoga Teacher, Holistic Lifestyle Educator and certified in the Yoga for EveryBody Method.

Our Approach

As a method for physical fitness and health maintenance Yoga as fitness training, is the most popular way that Westerners practice Yoga. Yoga as fitness training is concerned primarily with the physical body’s flexibility, resilience, and strength. Fitness is how most newcomers to Yoga encounter this great tradition.

Our Story

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and has become one of the hottest trends in the fitness and wellness industry. My corporate career had given me heaps of business experience, which is something many new yoga studio owners lack. As a result, I was prepared for some of the challenges I knew I would have to overcome in the first year.

Meet the Team

A.Veera Bhadram

Operations manager

Veera Bhadram is the Operations manager who will handles all the operations of Tatva Yoga center.


Yoga Trainer

L.Karuna is a certified yoga teacher who conducts classes with groups of people which involves meditation and yoga poses. She is specialized in Aerial Yoga.


Yoga Trainer

Aditya is a certified professional Yoga Teacher. Expert in Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha yoga.

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